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If you are in the market to buy a new home in Amsterdam, Housing & Co. could be a good partner. With our network resources, experience and knowledge we would love to be of assistance in your real estate quest.

Knowing how to prepare an offer for the selling party is one of the specialisations of Housing & Co. We have great experience with ways to make you standout between the other offers and to create that “X factor” that can result into you becoming the new owner of an Amsterdam property.


To prepare for a property search in Amsterdam it is wise to know what your budget is and to know what you can buy for this budget. Housing & Co. can give you professional advice through our financing partner. Also getting a financing offer from a Dutch bank would be one of the options.


For real estate investments in and around Amsterdam we can be of help. Within our network of developers and contractors, we often get the inside information about selling intentions of owners and companies. This could give you a head start in the bidding process.

What clients say

“Thanks to Daniel's help we were able to find a suitable apartment in no time. And also received all the necessary assistance with the registration. Highly recommend."


"Very satisfied with the service of Housing & Co. One of their colleagues, Daniel went out of his way to help in a very difficult situation. I definitely recommend them."


"I had to rent on very short notice. Housing & Co. helped greatly to get everything done in time. Great service, very professionell. friendly ."


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