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Hiring Housing & Co. as your rental agent in Amsterdam is a smart move when you have plans to move to the capital of Holland. Renting a place might seem very easy, but it really isn’t. Not only do you need knowledge of the real estate market, you also have to deal with legal conditions. How do you find the time to look for a rental house if you have a job and you live in a completely different city or country?

Finding an affordable rental place

The real estate market is overheated. It will be a difficult task to find a place on your own. As a specialized rental agent we know exactly what’s necessary to find the perfect affordable home for you and your family. Our policy is no cure, no pay, so choosing us as your rental agent in Amsterdam is the first reliable step in finding the best place possible. We will do our utmost to help you find a nice rental home for an affordable price.

How does a rental agent work?

First of all we would like to meet you. We can have a talk in person, but a conversation by phone is also a possibility. During this meeting we like to hear the following things from you:

  • How many rent is an ideal and realistic budget for me to afford?
  • How many bedrooms do I need?
  • Does the house need to have a outside space?
  • What kind of energy label would be ideal for my new home?
  • What is my preferred neighbourhood to live?
  • Does it needs to be pet friendly?
  • Does it needs to be child-friendly?

With all the information you provide us, we start an online search to find as much suitable houses as possible. Not only the rental agents of Housing & Co are searching for your rental home in Amsterdam. We activate our extensive network of real estate managers, landlords and real estate agencies to get the best result for you. Of course it’s up to you to select the flat, apartment or house you like the most. We show you pictures of possible places and then it’s up to you to choose your favorite. The next step is viewing that house on location.

Contact the landlord for renting a home

As soon as you approve the house, we will get in contact with the owner of the rental home in Amsterdam. As owner of the property, it is the lessor who decides whether you’ll become the new tenant. The moment he agrees, we will help you wit the paperwork, the check in, a final check of the property and of course the key handover. This is the moment we congratulate you as a new resident of Amsterdam or it’s surroundings.

Hire a rental agent in Amsterdam

Experience the added value of our rental agents in Amsterdam and contact us right now. We will respond to you within 24 hours. The nicest place to rent in the capital of of Holland is often found by the rental agents of Housing & Co. The beginning of the new chapter in your life doesn’t have to be a hard one with our help.

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