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 Relocating to a complete new residence can be very hard. You have to leave an area that is familiar to you, but you also have to know the real estate market to make sure you choose the right house. Housing & Co. is your expat broker in the area of Amsterdam. Every day we help expats in their search for a fine and suitable house to live in. Choose the easy way and enjoy our outstanding rental services. You won’t be disappointed.

Searching the Amsterdam rental market

The area in which you search for the perfect home, is extensive. This makes it hard to find the right semi-detached house or appartement. If you don’t speak our language, it can be a real challenge to clarify to others what you need. Where do you begin and how do you know if you sign the right papers? As a reliable expat broker we understand how hard is it to leave your native country to temporary move to a complete unknown residence. Let us look for the right home for you by starting with a personal meeting. It’s possible to meet our agents in person, but we can also be in contact with you by phone.

Transparant rental proces

As an expatriate you need a reliable broker with an extended portfolio. With our support and assistance, the relocation will not be as hard as you think. We will find nice places for you to choose from. We want to make sure your relocation to Amsterdam runs smoothly. We will start to use our extensive network to find a decent home for you as an expat. You can decide to live in a quiet area, but you can also choose a house in the center of Amsterdam, whatever suits you. Let us know if you temporary want to live in a studio, a loft or an appartement. We will then start the search for a rental home inAmsterdam and surroundings. We will find your home which suits all your wishes, therefore we will send you some information about the apartment, together with some pictures. Does this match your wishes? Then we will make an appointment with the broker to schedule a viewing to see the apartment in person. Are you still living abroad? Then we can arrange a video call to show you the apartment on your behalf. 

Expat broker assisting paperwork

We also take care of the paperwork for you, when the rental agreement is ready to be signed. We make sure you know all about the conditions and legal requirements, so you can sign the document with confidence.

More without worries

By moving you without worries, we make sure you will enjoy your new residence much sooner. Once you are settled in, the hard work is done. Now it’s time to explore the capital of Holland quietly and learn all about your new environment. Are you convinced that Housing & Co. is your expat broker in Amsterdam? Contact us and let us know what kind of apartement you are looking for as an expat.

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