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Relocating to a new city can be a thrilling yet overwhelming experience, especially when moving to a vibrant and diverse city like Amsterdam. From finding accommodation to navigating legal procedures, there are numerous tasks that require careful attention. Fortunately, our relocation services in Amsterdam are here to simplify the process and ensure a smooth transition. In this informative guide, we will explore the benefits of utilizing the relocation services from Housing & Co., the range of services we offer, and how we can make your move to Amsterdam stress-free. Get ready to embark on your new adventure with confidence and peace of mind!

1. The value of the relocation services in Amsterdam by Housing & Co.:

Our relocation services in Amsterdam provide invaluable support and expertise to individuals and families that are moving to Amsterdam. With our comprehensive knowledge of the city, we understand the unique challenges expats face and offer tailored solutions. We are well-versed in the local real estate market, rental procedures and cultural nuances, ensuring a seamless relocation experience.

2. Comprehensive range of housing services:

Housing & Co. offers a wide range of housing services to address every aspect of your move. Some key services include:
a. Access to off market properties: through our network of real estate agencies, real estate management companies and home owners, we are able to get access to properties that are not yet published online.
b. Private viewings: due to our day today contact and previous closed rental agreements with the previous mentioned network, we have earned the trust to be able to get private viewings with our clients. A big advantage as every online listed property has a lot of attention nowadays.
c. Up to date legal knowledge: with a fluctuating rental market like the one in Amsterdam, it is crucial to know your legal part of the rental process. We assist you with the rental agreements and general terms and conditions, also with your rights as a renter.
d. Offer making experience: the market is full of relocating service companies, that is why it can make a big difference if you make the correct offer and with the correct information, presented as easy and fast as possible. We have the experience to make this difference for you.
e. Utilities assistance: the relocation service of Housing & Co. Amsterdam has a utility partner that will help you with all your necessary contracts for water, energy, internet and television. They can also assist with mobile contracts.

3. Personalized assistance and support:

The relocation services of Housing & Co. Amsterdam prioritize personalized attention to cater to your specific needs. We take the time to understand your requirements, preferences, and concerns, ensuring a customized relocation experience. At Housing & Co. we act as your trusted advisors, offering ongoing support and guidance throughout the process. Whether you need assistance with finding temporary accommodation, understanding lease agreements, or arranging transportation, we are here to help.

4. Local expertise and connections:

The Housing & Co. relocation services have extensive knowledge of the local market and valuable connections with trusted service providers. They have established networks with real estate agents, landlords, and other professionals, ensuring access to quality resources. These connections enable them to negotiate favorable terms, secure competitive rates, and streamline various aspects of your relocation to Amsterdam.

5. Time and cost savings:

By utilizing our relocation services in Amsterdam, you can save valuable time and minimize costs. Our experts handle time-consuming tasks such as property searches, paperwork, and administrative procedures, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your move. Additionally, our knowledge of the market helps prevent costly mistakes, ensuring you make informed decisions.


Our relocation services in Amsterdam will guide you through every step of your relocation journey to Amsterdam. With our expertise, personalized assistance, and extensive range of services, they make your transition to Amsterdam seamless and stress-free. From finding your dream home to install your utilities, Housing & Co. ensures that you settle into your new life smoothly. Take advantage of our local knowledge, connections, and support to enjoy a hassle-free relocation experience in one of Europe's most exciting cities. Embrace the opportunities that Amsterdam has to offer, knowing that you have expert assistance every step of the way. Start your housing search by clicking on the button register.

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