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Are you a couple moving to Amsterdam or moving within Amsterdam?
Let us help you find your new dream home. Housing & Co. specializes in providing a service to find homes for people who want to live in Amsterdam, but who are having difficulties finding the right place to live. There can be a number of reasons why it can be difficult to find a nice place in Amsterdam. For example a lack of time, because you are both working during the day. Or the places you find are already unavailable once you call the real estate agency. When it comes to the Amsterdam real estate market it is often difficult to know your way around if you are new in town or if you have a specific requirements and/or a specific budget. Housing & Co. focuses on everything you are not able to do yourself and more. We have the network, the experience and the hands on mentality to dedicate ourselves in finding a home that fits your needs. We can improve your changes in finding the right place for the right budget, in the right part of the city. Besides this we can assist in the negotiation process, do viewings and be your advisor in the administrative part of the agreement between you and the lessor.

Our way of working

From the moment we get the assignment from you, we will start our search within our network of real estate agents, real estate managers and landlords. Also we will use our online expertise to be the first one responding to new posted properties on a variety of channels.  Once we have found a place you both like, we can plan a viewing of the property and see the place from the inside. If this is still to your liking, we can prepare an offer for the lessor he or she can’t refuse. Finally we will be on your side when we sign the rental agreement, do the check in and the key handover. You are now officially new residents in the city of Amsterdam.

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Let’s partner up and find you a new place to live in Amsterdam!

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